Oh thank God!

I'm in the final stages of editing of one project, which I hope to release in the first quarter of next year, and during Nanowrimo, I finished the rough of the sequel to that project, but that draft needs to sit for a little while, like fine wine, so I can go back into it and tear it apart and fix all of the many many things that are wrong with it, so in the meantime, I am working on a completely unrelated project that I've had in draft for a while.

This is the first time I've revisited it in a while, and I opened the file with some trepidation, because you never know what you're going to find when you go back to an old project.  It is decent, or is it full of bad writing and problematic concepts and stupidity.

But this one is good.

Thank God.

I mean, it still needs a ton of work, and since it involves three viewpoint characters, that means three times the work, but they are interesting and fun and the plot is still solid.  What a relief.

I'm one of those writers that has to keep working, almost daily, or I get out of the habit quickly, so it's nice to have a project in this middling stage that I can shape into something.  I love starting things--starting things is always the easiest for me, as I expect it is for most people--but the messy middle is where the story really happens, where changes ripple out like stones in a still pond, where the characters really reveal themselves, and that's where I am with this project.  It's an exciting place to be. 


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