Monday Miscellany

1. Elmo got a ticket this weekend. 87 in a 70.* But it's not my fault that Elmo doesn't really settle in until 75. I have a need for speed!**

2. I have been seeing a lot of baseball lately. A lot. And today was a very exciting game -- Brewers v. Pirates, which the Brewers won with a walkoff homer by Corey Hart. Not this Corey Hart:

This Corey Hart:

The thing that cracks me up is that Corey Hart, the baseball player, was born in 1982, which is a mere TWO YEARS before Corey Hart, the musician, became famous for "Never Surrender" and "Sunglasses at Night." Sometimes, the world works in mysterious ways.

3. I love high summer. The only thing bad about summer is that it's followed by fall. Stupid fall.

4. I'm visiting with my niece this week. It's only the second day, and I have already seen enough Hannah Montana to last me a lifetime. ::shiver::


* Actual exchange between me and the polite officer who stopped me:

Him: Do you know how fast you were going?
Me: No. [this is true.]
Him: I clocked you at 87. Any reason why you were going that fast?
Me: [thinking "at least he didn't catch me when I was 95"] No, sir.
Him: You should slow down. License and registration, please.
Me: sigh.

** Seriously, though, I would never drive that fast if the road wasn't perfectly visible and empty of traffic. Tailgating is a sin against the gods of driving.


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