1. I get what Swiffer is trying to do with those commercials where the broom, abandoned by its owner/operator, finds love with a bowling ball or a lawn flamingo, but I wonder if they realize that they are implying that the broom was having sex with a person. Think before you take the joke too far, Swiffer.

2. I love Friday Night Lights. I go on and on about why, but if you're watching the show, you already know, and if you're not watching the show, then you won't believe me anyways.

3. Revisions have eaten my brain. Fortunately, I wasn't using it for much anyways, so it doesn't seem to have affected my day-to-day life.

4. We had thunderstorms this weekend in Ohio. I love thunderstorms. I love them even more when no branches fall on my roof of hit my gutter, but I guess you can't have everything. Seriously, though, if I could live in a place where it's almost always summer, I would.


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