Monday Miscellany

1. I saw Iron Man 2 this weekend. It was fine. It wasn't the first Iron Man and only Mickey Roarke was actually good in it (yes, I'm including Robert Downey, Jr. in that assessment), but it was entertaining.

2. Friday Night Lights is back! Yay! FNL is one of those shows that, when it comes on I can just relax, because whatever happens, it's going to be good.* I literally breathed a sigh of relief when I heard the theme music come on.

3. This weekend I also saw a-ha in concert. Who, you're asking? You know them as the band that made this video:

But they've actually released NINE studio albums, and are huge internationally.** But you should know them for this song:

Or this one:

Seriously, they're a much better band than you think.

* In all honesty, there was a misstep at the beginning of season two (known as the Unfortunate Accidental Murder Incident), but hey, the misstep only serves to bring the awesome of the rest of the show into stark relief.

** True story -- they hold the world record for the drawing the largest paying audience for a concert in the world.


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