You MUST Be Kidding Me!*

Agent Kristin had a post recently about something that I CANNOT BELIEVE. Apparently, one of the publishing houses has reverted back to PAPER CONTRACTS because some agent unlocked a PDF (there's technology for this) and MADE CHANGES TO THE CONTRACT without the publishing house's permission.



As an attorney who deals regularly with contracts I can tell you that, if someone did this to me, I would fly off the handle so quickly that I would break the sound barrier. I have made lawyers cry before, and I am NOT AFRAID to do it again.


* Allow me to apologize for the overuse of the capital letter in this post, but I just can't help myself. This kind of thing makes me very angry.

This is, simply put, unethical behavior. When you do a deal, you negotiate the terms and then you put the terms into a contract. You DO NOT attempt to sneak terms into the deal that you were unable to get in the negotiation. If you lost a point in negotiation, or gave it up for something else, that is IT. YOU LOST IT. The point does NOT get snuck in at the last minute with your fingers crossed hoping that the other side won't notice.

That, my friends, is BULL****.

For real.


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