Monday Miscellany

1. The Intern has an interesting post a couple of weeks ago about another reason why an author might not want to read your manuscript: if she did, you could sue her.*

2. The one reality show that I never get tired of is The Amazing Race, which is just what it sounds like -- a bunch of people in teams of two race around the world. It's not as annoying as other reality shows for two reasons: (1) there is not much advantage for the teams to form alliances or backstab each other, because the performance of other teams doesn't have a lot to do with how your team performs; and (2) there are no judges and no voting. Period. The team that shows up last gets eliminated (usually). So it's really a bunch of people (some of whom are awesome, and some of whom are less than awesome) racing around the world and doing really cool stuff.

3. Some day, I'm going to hire out my laundry. Seriously. There are very few chores I absolutely hate, but laundry is one of them.

4. P!nk is awesome. This song is my current favorite of hers, both because of the sentiment, and because of the 80s power pop nature of the music. Check it:

5. I don't know what calibre of reporter Anderson Cooper is, but as a television personality, I find him captivating. I'm apparently not the only one. :)


* Poor J.K. Rowling, seriously. Incidentally, one of the things that has to be shown for a copyright lawsuit to be successful is access to the work that was copied.


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