Monday Miscellany

1. My dog was bit by another dog last week. It was a pretty serious bite, and it was totally the fault of the person in charge of the other dog* who didn't have her dog wearing a leash or even a collar, so when the dog RAN ACROSS THE STREET to attack my dog, all she could do was yell at it. ::sigh:: My dog will be fine, though. And she may eventually forgive me for making her wear The Cone Of Shame.


2. This video, by Ok Go,** is just the latest in a long line of awesome Ok Go videos. Take a look:

3. I am watching another hoarding show, this one on TLC. I have to say that just watching this show makes me want to throw out everything I own and live in a t-shirt and jeans. I'm not a hoarder, but I do have a tendency to collect certain items*** and these shows make me nervous, like I'm going to open a closet door and discover that my stuff has multiplied when I'm not looking.

4. Thinking about writing? Is not the same as actually writing. Just in case you were wondering about that.


* I say "in charge of" because she wasn't the dog's owner, but just someone watching the dog for a week.

** They of the "treadmill video" fame.

*** Shoes, for example. And notebooks. And pens.


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