Monday Miscellany

1. Dear Luke Wilson - I know you're just getting paid to do the AT&T commercials, but can't you do something about the writing? Because instead of your normal charming self, you're coming across as sort of a sanctimonious jackass, which I don't think is what you (or AT&T) are going for. Perhaps you could suggest that AT&T watch the Domino's commercials where they take on Papa Johns for some helpful tips about how to critique a competitor while still seeming like a nice guy. Thanks! Jay.

2. I'm re-painting my living room (I get these weird urges from time to time) and I have to say that Behr paint smells like cookies. Really. If that's intentional (and how could it not be?) I have to say that it's ingenious. It makes me happy every time I open the can of paint.

3. Steph Bowe, over at Hey, Teenager of the Year, is having a "Post Your First Page" event. If you want to see the first page of the Next Book, it's over there.

4. It's amazing what a good tailor can do. I just got a formal dress and a pair of jeans back from the seamstress and can I just I'm going to have all my stuff altered, from now on!



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