Monday Miscellany

1. Not only is Elmo (my new car) cute, but it turns out he's also a tax deduction. I love him more every day!

2. Bravo channel doesn't seem to realize that showing ads for Millionaire Matchmaker and Tabitha's Salon Takeover and Pimp My Line* during reruns of The West Wing only makes those shows look stupider than they are.**

3. Speaking of, we've reached the point in The West Wing where I stopped watching the last time (after Zoey Bartlett's kidnapping), so I literally have no idea what's going to happen now. Despite the fact that this is, essentially, a new show to me now, I may give up on it again. It's...not good at this point. People say it picked up toward the end of the run with the new candidates, so I might stick with it, but I say you know what would have made this a good show all the way through? Rob Lowe.***

4. I spent a couple of hours this weekend writing backstory for the Next Book. I don't do that before I write (because not a planner), but from time to time while I'm drafting, I'll bust out scenes from before the book starts. It's sort of a writing exercise/informal outline that I use to make sure that my characters' actions make sense.

5. One of the things I like about iTunes is that it's got a great song recommendation feature. This week it recommended this song to me, which is right in line with my existing "happy songs" ethos: "Love U More" by Sunscreem

Let the sky fall down;
let the leaves turn brown;
still you know you could never make me love you more.
Let the redwoods die
as the wells run dry,
still you know you could never make me love you more.


*Not it's actual name, but it might as well be.

** Presumably. The only one I watch is Millionaire Matchmaker, which can be amusing, mostly because it's all these 55 year old guys with money who don't understand why 25 year old girls aren't falling in love with them. But even that show -- which is admittedly stupid, but also good fun -- looks really really dumb compared to the fast writing on The West Wing.

*** I'm kidding. For all my boosterism of Rob Lowe, I don't even watch Brothers and Sisters, the show he's on now. But The West Wing was a better show when he was on it: that's a demonstrable fact.

**** No, it's happy, really!


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