Monday Miscellany

1. If you want to do some serious cleaning, a good show to have on is Hoarders on A&E. I watched two hours today and my bedroom is the better for it. The people on the show, though? Not so much.*

2. If you are not reading Henry Sene Yee's blog about the covers he designs for books, you are missing out.** His last entry is particularly cool, because he shows several designs that he tried out and ended up going with something totally different.

3. B Spot, Chef Michael Symon's new burger restaurant in Cleveland, is totally worth a wait. But it's not worth waiting an hour and a half. Maybe an hour, though. In other words, it's a good burger place, but it is a BURGER PLACE, so let's not get carried away.

4. Upstart Crow Literary (my own personal agency) posted a list of what Little, Brown looks for in children's books. It's an interesting list, to say the least, although lists like this always tempt me to try to write something that incorporates every single thing, like a Frankenstein of children's books.

5. Elmo (my new car) comes with six months of free satellite radio. FREE! It's awful, because I love it already, and now I'm going to have to pay for satellite radio. But not until June!


* These are not your typical "oh my house is messy, come clean it up and redecorate for free" people you usually see on the reality shows. These people are seriously emotionally messed up. Fortunately, the show seems to understand that and gets them help and stuff. But still...messed up.

** I know that at first glance his website is annoying because it's one of those "black sites with white text" sites that are a pain, but in his case it actually is a good thing, because he shows a lot of book covers, and the black sets them off better. Also, if you're just reading one entry it's okay. In other words, the content is so good that I'm willing to overlook the dark design.


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