1. There are many things that I don't like about autumn, but one of them is that the dreary gray Ohio weather makes it hard to tell what time it is when you wake up in the morning, so you don't know if you're early or late.

2. Jay's Nanowrimo Word Count: 16,667

3. Also, it's dark when I leave work now, which is crap. Who invented Daylight Savings? Savings for whom, cause I don't see the sun from now until effing April!

4. Also, if there's going to be so much yardwork to do in the fall, it should really be nicer out. I don't want to wear a winter coat while I try to pick up sticks in my yard. At least in summer, it's nice out.

5. Except that it was actually nice out this weekend (like summer, practically), and I still didn't want to do yardwork. I did though. Thank you, God, for the invention of the leaf blower.


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