Monday Miscellany

1. The Taylor Swift song "Teardrops On My Guitar" is a better song about being in love with a boy who doesn't love you back than the Taylor Swift song "You Belong To Me" for three reasons: (a) specificity -- TOMG has more detail about the boy in question and why the singer loves him, (b) TOMG doesn't demonize the other girl, which is a flaw these songs often commit (like, it's not the fault of the other girl that the boy you like doesn't like you back), and (c) the video for TOMG doesn't fall into the "girls who wear glasses are automatically ugly but when they take off their glasses they are automatically hot" trope. Take a look:

Teardrops on My Guitar:

You Belong To Me:

2. Yay, GLEE! That is all.

3. On the other hand, The Vampire Diaries? Not a good show. I did not have high hopes based on the cheesy previews, but I gave it a shot because one of the male leads, Ian Somerhalder, is Super Fine, but the only way I'm going to be able to watch this show in on fast forward with the mute button engaged. I wonder if the books are any good?

4. Steph Bowe at Hey, Teenager of the Year is hosting guest posts about how books change lives this month, and she was kind enough to let me do a post on the subject. So go here to see my thoughts on The Changeover and how it changed my perspective on character. (Also to see a different cover from the uber-cheesy one that I talked about here.)


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