Monday Miscellany

1. Lynn Viehl has a great post on what her relationship with her agent is like. Most people who talk about agents (myself included) are early in their relationships with their agents, so it's really interesting to see a veteran's perspective.

2. Shooter, starring Mark Wahlberg, is a good movie. Not a great movie, not a complex movie, but a solid entertaining thriller. I'd never seen it before, but it's a great Sunday afternoon while-you're-paying-the-bills-or-doing-the-housework movie.

3. Summer arrived in Ohio this weekend. In August. Yeah, I was okay with eternal spring, thanks.

4. This weekend was the season premiere of America's Best Dance Crew. I know it's a cheesy MTV show about dance crews and it's hosted by the cheesiest of the cheesy, Mario Lopez, but it's still an awesome show, especially if you watch it on DVR so you can fast forward through the lame Mario comments. The judges' comments are usually cool and useful, though, unlike the comments of the judges on American Idol. My favorite crew so far this season is We Are Heroes, another all female crew. The all-female crew from last season, Beat Freaks, was robbed and should have won, and I hope these women are just as good.


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