Recently, I've been listening to a lot of music that is really great, but that isn't so mind-blowingly great as to deserve a post of it's own on the blog. So here's a list of Five Perfect Pop Songs According to Jay. They may not change your life, but they will make a sunny Saturday afternoon even better:

1. "The Way You Make Me Feel" by Michael Jackson. It's not "Thriller" or "Billie Jean" but this little gem of a song is just pure delight.

Sample Lyrics:

hey pretty baby with the high heels on
you give me fever like I've never ever known
you're just a product of loveliness
I like the groove of your walk, your talk, your dress

2. "The Two of Us" by 'Nsync. It sounds like an afternoon at the carnival and it feels like bubbles in your nose. Say what you want about 'Nsync, but this song demonstrates why they were the biggest pop act in the world in the 90s.

Sample Lyrics:

'Cause in a room full of people
you're the only one around,
and nothing in this world could ever bring us down.
Baby, I'll be there,
telling you I care,
this I swear.
Girl, it's just the two of us, the two of us.

3. "Always Saturday" by Guadalcanal Diary. A song that sounds like the perfect summer day. Sorry there's no YouTube for this one, but here's a link to the song itself.

Sample lyrics:

showers of whispers glowing blue
late night movie fills the room
streetlights twinkling like dew
I close my eyes, it ends too soon

4. "Down Together" by The Refreshments. They were known mostly for their name-check of Jean Luc Picard in their one hit single "Banditos," but this song is much better. Catchy, romantic, and clever, this song is the epitome of The Refreshments.

Sample Lyrics:

We could both wear cowboy hats and pretend that we could speak Italian.
I could eat some gum and make my breath so minty fresh to kiss you.
Your breath will smell like wine, I like that a lot, especially when I kiss you.
And I could hit my funny bone real hard, and you could call me a sweetheart.

5. "Hey, Girl" by O.A.R. This is, literally, the only song I like by this band, who I've seen in concert several times (they're from Ohio). And I can't stand them, except for this song, which is, you have to admit, a hell of a song.

Sample Lyrics:

In my mind
I miss you every night that you're not here
oh, I just want to sit around your life and breathe your air.


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