Monday Miscellany

1. This weekend I saw 500 Days of Summer, and even though I thought I knew exactly what the movie would be like, I was wrong and you should totally see this movie. It's funny and touching incredibly well-directed.* It's not the movie you think it is.

2. Also, who knew that the kid of Third Rock from the Sun would be the best actor of his generation? With 500 Days, Joseph Gordon Levitt's become number one on my "see everything this guy does" list. Every project he picks may not be 100 percent successful**, but they're all really interesting.

3. I don't think I've posted about this before, so here is blog The Worst Review Ever, where writers post with a sense of humor about the worst review they've gotten.

4. I am totally in love with my new sunroom, which is just my old sunroom, only clean and with plants. I even bought a watering can so that New Sunroom--Now With More Plants! doesn't turn into the Room That Jay Avoids, Now With More Dead Sticks In Pots (aka the old sunroom).


* The director, Marc Webb, first came to my attention when he directed My Chemical Romance's first video of significance for their song "I'm Not Okay." Check it:

"I'm Not Okay (I Promise)"

** I'm looking at you, Brick.


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