Monday Miscellany

1. I don't have anything of relevance to say about Michael Jackson's untimely (but not necessarily unexpected death) except these two things:

(a) dude, the same day as poor Farrah Fawcett? NOT COOL, MJ. Not cool at all.

(b) my favorite Michael Jackson song is "The Way You Make Me Feel." It's a simple happy little pop song, and it's perfect.

2. "Her Majesty's Dragon" is a delightful novel. It's like Horatio Hornblower, but with dragons! I got it on a whim with a gift certificate from work, and was charmed by chapter two.* I look forward to picking up the other installments.

3. My favorite Janet Jackson song is "Miss You Much." It's a song about a girl who's psycho for her boyfriend and can't let him out of her sight, but it's got a hell of a beat.

4. I hate doing laundry. I object philosophically to paying someone else to clean up after me, but every weekend when I do laundry I reconsider that philosophy carefully.

5. Writing? Oh yes. I'm hip deep in something new and it's...interesting. My main character is troubling me, but in a good "what the hell is he doing now?" way, not a bad "I don't have an effing clue who this kid is" way.


* Chapter One was a little too derivative of Anne McCaffrey for me. I understand that there's only so much you can do with the whole dragon oeuvre, and the first chapter was totally fine, but it wasn't until chapter two that I thought "oh hell yeah."


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