Monday Miscellany

1. Lynn Viehl, runner of the most awesome contests on the planet, is also one of the coolest straight shooters I've read on the Internet. Besides her positions on conferences (she doesn't go anymore), and her detailing of her recent cover problems (PINK!!!), she just put up her royalty statement for her book Twilight Fall. God, I love her.

2. In Plain Sight is back on USA, yay! It's about a couple of federal marshals who are responsible for people in the witness protection program in Alburquerque, and is pretty enjoyable. The two main characters have excellent chemistry, and it makes me a little homesick for New Mexico (which is virtually impossible to do, since I didn't like New Mexico that much)* and it's got a fairly original premise.

3. I'm sure by now everyone who cares has seen the vidoe of Susan Boyle, the plain middle-aged cat lady who blows everyone away with her singing voice on Britain's Got Talent. What you may not have been aware of is that Ms. Boyle was part of a charity CD years ago that ended up getting her nowhere, but should have. Here's her singing "Cry Me A River."** This woman has quite a voice:

Yeah, I would totally buy an album from her.***

4. Tonight is also the night that the season finale for Friday Night Lights will be airing for those of us who live in Cleveland. It was pre-empted for the Indians season opener (which was delayed for HOURS due to rain****), so when I went to watch it on my DVR I got a random hour of the game instead. Since I'm currently in love with baseball, I watched that anyway and about 40 minutes in, the channel started rolling a scroll that said, basically, "we TOTALLY KNOW that we're pre-empting FNL, and we will TOTALLY PLAY IT at a later date, so if you could all just STOP CALLING US, we would really, really appreciate it."***** FNL fans may be few in number, but we are vociferous.

5. I cleaned part of my garage this weekend in anticipation of a garage sale and discovered that the mouse problem? Has apparently been going on longer than I thought. Yeech. Thank god I have rubber gloves and a paint mask.


* Also, when I actually lived in New Mexico, I didn't live anywhere near Alburquerque, so...there you go.

** No, not the Justin Timberlake song.

*** An album, for those of you who weren't born before 1980 and who aren't DJs, is a plastic disc that music used to come on before CDs and iTunes. I am, of course, familiar with these new technologies, but a voice like Susan Boyles makes me want an album again.

**** Which is an improvement over last year, when the opener was delayed for a blizzard.

***** Of course, I'm paraphrasing. But that was pretty much the tone.


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