Monday Miscellany

1. I am suddenly and inexplicably in love with baseball. I don't know. I don't even really like sports, but suddenly baseball is the cute new kid who sits behind me in a homeroom. Maybe I'll pass him a note and see if he likes me back.

1.5 However, I am baseball's Typhoid Mary. No matter what team I root for, no matter what reason, that team loses. I wonder if I could sell these services to Cubs fans...

2. I really enjoyed the first episode of Southland (which I admit I only watched because it has Benjamin McCarthy in it). The promos made it look like a typical cop show, but it was really better than that, so I was pleasantly surprised.

3. I am at the stage in marathon training (I'm just walking a half-marathon, not the whole thing) where my dog can no longer come with me because she gets tired and wants to go home early. Of course, she can still kick my ass in the 40 yard dash, so I suppose it equals out.

4. A mouse lives in my kitchen. A wily wily mouse who, thus far, has avoided all traps I have set for her. But I will triumph ultimately, mouse, just you wait. Just you wait.

5. I saw Waitress this weekend. It was okay. Keri Russell did a really nice job with her role, and I love Jeremy Sisto in everything, even when he plays an abusive husband, but I didn't really like any of the characters, even the ones I was supposed to. Also, I do not understand the appeal of Nathan Fillion. I know he makes the ladies swoon, or whatever, but I do not find him swoony in the slightest. His face is...oddly square. I don't know. It did make me want pie, though.


Baseball, eh? That's odd. I really would have never pegged you in a million years as a baseball fan. Go figure. Bad year to be rooting for the Indians but surely you weren't foolish enough to do that, were you? It can only lead to heartbreak.

As for the mouse, you need to rent a cat. Boy, my cats would LOVE it if a mouse dared even show its little pink nose in my house. Cats are very good at getting all sorts of things; mine even like to put out the occasional bug flitting around the house. Good luck with the mouse hunt!

Monday, April 13, 2009 at 9:14:00 AM EDT  

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