Time got away from me this weekend, primarily because it was basically summer outside and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to bask like a lizard in the heat. April in Ohio means both blizzards and 90 degree days.

1. Rummage sale people (meaning the ones who come to rummage sales) are simultaneously very nice and very demanding. Several of them were upset that my Craig's List posting did not have photos of the items for sale. I was unaware that there's an obligation to make my Craig's List posting pop.* But they were very good about telling us when the signs blew down.

2. One of the theaters here in town shows old movies on the big screen, but not classic old movies like Casablanca or whatever, but cheesy old movies like Clue and Ghostbusters. I'm really hoping for Adventures In Babysitting, which is the definition of a cheesy 80s movie. "Nobody gets outta here without singing the blues." Fingers crossed!

3. For my birthday, I received an iTunes gift card, so I now have $30.00 worth of credit on iTunes and no idea what to buy. This always happens to me--if I have a limited budget when I go into a store, I find 50 things I like, but if I have a big pile o' money, I can't find anything. This is why I keep a list of the books and music I want, so that I don't forget when I get money in my hand and end up buying the techno dance remix of "Livin' on a Prayer."**

4. I love spring and summer. I do. What I hate? Yard work. Seriously, it even SOUNDS boring. Yard. Work. It's boring and it's dirty. Also, there are bugs.*** blech.


* While I was there, I took a gander at the personals section of Craig's List out of curiosity and WOW. Just...WOW. That is some sketchy stuff there.

** Hey! It's a good song!

*** In fairness to the Great Outdoors, there are also bugs in my house right now. mid-April to mid-May is always the Season of the Spider in my house, when all the spiders come out and hang around in the creases of my crown molding. And I know they're good for you and kill other bugs and blah blah blah, but I cannot relax and enjoy Make Me A Supermodel on the TV when there are spiders hanging out above my head. I'm sorry, it's just not possible. They must die. To me, this is the Season of the Spider, to them it's Season Of The Crazy Girl With The Can Of Fast-Acting Raid.


I totally own that song! Such a mistake, I must say.

Saturday, May 2, 2009 at 11:59:00 PM EDT  

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