Monday Miscellany

1. This season on The Real World,* the cast is having a prank war. It's involved shaving cream and show laces and rearranging furniture and all the normal stuff that prank wars usually involve. And this week, one of the cast members, Chet, decided to make a life-sized cutout of himself and put it on the wall.** And then it was defaced. And Chet was angry and felt it was because of his political views (he's a Republican and the season was shot during last year's election). But I don't think the cutout was defaced because you are a Republican, Chet. I think the cutout was defaced because it's a life-sized cutout of yourself that you put on the wall during a prank war.***

2. I am now the proud owner of a new HVAC system. This is the fourth most expensive thing I have ever purchased, after my house, my education, and my car. It better be awesome.

3. I have now seen 6 episodes of the new Joss Whedon show Dollhouse. Thoughts to follow.

4. It is less than a month until Katie Alender's book Bad Girls Don't Die comes out, and you should totally buy it.**** Here is the book trailer:


* I know, okay. I KNOW. But it's really good this season and not all about drunken hookups. No, really.

** Yeah, um, I don't know.

*** Frankly, I think it would have been defaced regardless of the prank war--IT'S A LIFE-SIZED CUTOUT OF YOURSELF--but the prank war just increases the chances of this happening.

**** No, I am not receiving anything in return for posting about Katie's book. No, I have not yet read Katie's book. We do not share an agent. I do not know Katie in "real life." But in her online life, she's awesome and funny and I love her blog.


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