Thoughts on "Thank You"

A long long time ago (like in May of last year), I expressed some confusion about people saying "thank you" for rejections. Why, I wondered, would someone send a thank you for a form rejection? What's the point?

And now agent Janet Reid has confirmed for me that my decision not to respond to form rejections is cool. I was getting a little concerned that I'd been inadvertently rude by not responding to form rejections, because some agents have said things along the lines of "oh, I like it. It adds civility."

Reid's reason -- that thank you emails are polite, but when she's getting tons of email each day, a thank you for a form rejection is just taking up time she doesn't have -- really rings true to me. As someone who gets, literally, 400 - 500 emails a day in my Real Job, cutting down on email every chance I get is a huge priority. I have literally said to people "there is no need for you to send me a thank you email. I assume your gratitude."*


* I only say this to people who understand my sense of humor.


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