Monday Miscellany

1. Dear Continental Airlines: If you insist on charging $400 more than your competition for flights, then I'm afraid I'm going to have to insist on flying another airline or renting a car. Seriously, SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS to fly to Nashville? You must be on the drugs.

2. Because I was working on the revisions to The Book over the last few weeks and was not permitting myself to work on other projects, I was a virtual FLOOD of ideas for other projects. Of course, the minute I sent the revised Book to Agent Ted, that flood has become a creek, a trickle, a very shallow puddle. Fortunately, I wrote down the other ideas as I had them. Oh, irony, you shall not defeat me!

3. The Taken is a movie that is exactly what the trailer promises. If you think that trailer looks cool and badass, then you should see the movie, because you will enjoy it. I did. Also, Liam Neeson is seriously huge and scary in this movie. People don't realize it, because he usually plays an intellectual and/or sweet guy and his accent is disarming. But Neeson is six foot four, and used to be a boxer, and if you watch him in Batman Begins, he positively dwarfs Christian Bale, who is six feet tall.* And in this movie, you can really see that upsetting Liam Neeson is not a person you want to anger.

4. Dear Justin Timberlake: You are not black. While I am happy that you have a deep appreciation for music made famous by black artists** before you were born, you are STILL not black. No matter how many times you show up on stage with them.


*This is an assertion of some controversy, as there seems to be an argument about whether Bale is six feet tall or six feet two or five ten. But friends of mine in Hollywood who have been in the vicinity of Christian Bale (oh yeah, I'm connected, people) say that six feet is basically accurate.

**Thereby showing more taste than 95% of young musical acts today.


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