Monday Miscellany

1. It's totally possible to get a sugar high as an adult. It's also not as fun to do so now as it was when I was a child, and the subsequent sugar coma? Not fun at all, actually.

2. I think I'm getting a cold. This is not cool. I'm not a good sick person.

3. I'm in love with The Book all over again. As other writers can tell you, love for your own work waxes and wanes, especially during the revision periods, when you're slogging through line-by-line, but right now? Bliss. Me and The Book? We're in the honeymoon period again. It's a nice period.

4. My hair is looking really cute lately. How is this relevant? Hello? It's Monday miscellany.


Last year, I totally scarfed down this weird sugary Christmas treat, and after the initial four minutes of sugar high, I had a sugar hangover that lasted all day. Now I try to make sure my sugar intake is moderated--for instance, no more peppermint bar, just cookies. ;-)

Monday, February 2, 2009 at 11:29:00 AM EST  

My implement of torture this weekend was a couple of designer cupcakes with an inch of frosting on the top. The funny thing was, I didn't realize that it was the cupcakes that were making my hands shake, so I had one, got the jitters, then had two more before I finally figured out what was happening.


So I haven't taken science since the 8th grade...wanna make something of it? :)

Monday, February 2, 2009 at 8:50:00 PM EST  

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