Monday Miscellany

1. Okay, Winter, seriously, enough with the snowing. We GET IT. Now, please stop.

2. I read three books this weekend (short ones). Two were Really Good, and of those two, one may make a future appearance on Jay Loves A Book. One was...okay. Do you ever get the feeling that some books are considered good just because they were the first ones of their kind? Yeah, that's sort of the feeling I got about this book.

3. Speaking of books,* I find it hard to suspend my disbelief in a YA book when there is no mention of parents whatsoever. Don't get me wrong, I don't think parents need to play a very big role in a YA book, just that they need to exist. When a protag lives at home, then there needs to be a modicum of parental interaction. Just a little. Just enough to ground the book in reality. Otherwise, it's teenage fantasy-land and I find the rest of the story hard to buy.

4. ABC Family makes the cheesiest sequels to movies ever (The Cutting Edge THREE? Another Cinderella Story? Bring It On: All Or Nothing?), and yet I will watch them. I am powerless against them.** I am a fourteen--no eleven--year old girl.


*but unrelated to the books I read this weekend. This is just something I've noticed in a few I've seen lately.

**Only the first time, though. Fortunately, these movies are so crappy that I don't feel the need to watch them over and over and over again, every time they're on television. Unlike Mean Girls, or the first Bring It On.


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