Monday Miscellany

1. Although I'm not a fan of winter, I am a fan of the holiday season. It seems that people really are nicer during this time of the year,* and Christmas lights are pretty. But the television really sucks. Seriously, it's like every channel turns into the Hallmark Channel or Lifetime Movies, showing movies where lonely (but beautiful and talented and sexy) women get hooked up with random (but hunky and smart and secretly rich) men by Santa. I like the cartoons and other holiday specials, though.

2. I like Noah Wyle a great deal, but even I couldn't suffer through The Librarian films on TNT. Is there anything as bad as a bad fantasy/adventure film?

3. One of my favorite things about the end of the year is all the top 10/top 100/best of lists that come out this time of the year. For example, Vh1 Classic has this show on right now called "One Hit Wonders" in which each show has a theme, like One Hit Wonders: British, or One Hit Wonders: Dance. The host is cute and has a strangely engaging delivery--almost professional, but personal enough that it's not, quite--and there are a ton of good songs on it that you used to know but totally forgot, like "They Don't Know" by Tracey Ullman.

4. The Rejecter has a post here about the state of the sci-fi fantasy market that I totally agree with. (Surprise.) Basically, you can't control it, so don't freak out too much about it.**, ***


*Note that I go shopping for all necessities except food at the end of November and don't set foot in a store except for fun between November 15 and December 26th, so I'm not fighting for parking spaces or arguing over the last "it" toy and can afford to have generous feelings about the human spirit. Also, grocery stores are very empty on Mondays, even after work.

** Also of note in this entry, people think YA is more likely to get published and that's why they write it? Boo.

***Hee. "If you want instant gratification and a genuine, pre-built fanbase that will totally leave you nice comments that will make your day, write fan fiction."


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