1. I got the first season of Everwood on DVD a little while ago and, man, I love that show. I know it was (supposedly) family friendly, or whatever, but it's another fine example of teenage characters done right--sarcastic, self-involved, dramatic, but totally relatable at the same time. (CALL ME EPHRAM!) And I cry at least every third episode.*

2. Dear Winter, if you could pick either rain or snow, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

3. I have heard the hype about Harry & David pears before, and I always thought "jeez, how good could it be? It's a pear." Yes, it's a pear and I'm an idiot, because Harry & David pears are The Best Pears I Have Ever Tasted In My Life. If you have the opportunity, try one, but make sure it's ripe.** I ate one before it was ripe, and it was just another pear. But a ripe Harry & David pear? Worth the wait.

4. We had the annual potluck at work last week, and I have to say that the people in my division can really cook! I cannot, so I made cookies from a mix (which everyone loved and some people asked for the recipe for***), but there were some seriously accomplished things at the lunch. And then afterwards everyone rolled back to their desks and tried to stay awake for the afternoon.

5. Why do I eat more oranges in winter than in summer? Is it because they look like little suns? Or is it because I like paying higher prices?


*What? I have a soft spot in the middle, like a bad apple.

**It's ripe when the bottom is slightly soft to the touch. Not the top, the bottom.

***They were Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Shortbread cookies. Very easy (I don't make any other kind) and tres delicious.


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