Monday Miscellany

1. "Let It Rock" by Kevin Rudolf and Lil Wayne is a fantastic song. Every time I hear it, I start speeding (assuming I'm driving) or dancing (assuming I'm not driving). I'm going to put it on my "Songs to Speed To" playlist (yes, I have one. Incidentally, what do you think the chances are that, when I get busted for speeding, I can get out of the ticket by playing the judge this song and saying "but Your Honor, this was on the radio!" Yeah, I didn't think so, either. Judges aren't really down with the latest Lil Wayne, as a rule.)

2. Why are all the women on Heroes blond except for Angela Petrelli and Nathan's wife (who's not even really in the show anymore and hasn't been since season one)? And when I say "all" I mean ALL: Claire (played by Hayden Panettiere), Claire's adopted mother, Claire's biological mother, Elle (played by Kristen Bell); Niki/Jessica/Brooke (played by Ali Larter); Daphne -- all blond. Sure, there was Simone, in season one, but she bit it. And Monica, in season two, who had the awesome power of being able to do anything she saw on television, but she hasn't been seen since season two. And, of course, there is Maya, or She Of The Black Tar Eyes That Look Really Familiar To This Fan Of The X-Files, but everyone hates her character because all she did was cry for 12 episodes, so she hasn't been showing up much, lately. But seriously, Tim Kring--why so blond? Can't a brunette be a main character?

3. Hot apple cider is Nature's way of saying "I'm sorry that the weather is going to be mostly crappy for the next three to five months."*

4. The only difference between the shoes I wore to work today and the shoes I wore to church when I was six is that, when I was six, my black patent leather Mary Janes didn't have four inch heels.

5. I went to see the Artistic Luxury exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Art last week. It features the work of Faberge, Lalique, and Tiffany from around the turn of the century. It's a beautiful exhibit if you are in the Cleveland area and have a chance to see it, but I tell you, nothing will make you feel poor like a bunch of rooms filled with Faberge eggs, Lalique hair ornaments, and Tiffany diamonds. Take a look.

I know, right!

The best part was when we came across these gigantic and intricately carved silver bowls that were exchanged between nations as gestures of appreciation. Think of the largest serving bowl you've ever seen in your life, only made out of pure silver and carved so that it looks like a trio of sea nymphs sailing on a giant boat.

I turned to my friend D and said "wow, nations exchanged these as gifts of goodwill. These are so cool! I want one!"

And D, who is almost as cool as a giant silver bowl, said, without missing a beat: "I'll get you one the minute you become a nation."


*You are not forgiven, Nature. But thank you for the cider.


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