Discretion is the better part of valor

I am a very opinionated person. Very. VERY. Like, super a lot opinionated. So, naturally, when I read a book, I have opinions about it. I like it, or I love it, or I hate it, or there are just these certain parts where I would have done it differently.

And, since this blog is about writing, I want to talk about those opinions here. But I can't.

See, I'm not a published author. And it's just my luck that the agent I want to represent me when I'm ready to be represented, will also be the agent for what's-her-name, who wrote that book about that thing that I thought totally SUCKED and I wrote about that suckitude at great length here. And so then, when I send my pages to this agent, she will come to this blog and see that I slammed her wildly popular client and, even though I am right in my criticisms (hey, it's my hypothetical, I can be right if I want to), she cannot in good conscience offer to represent me, what with my shooting off of my big mouth and all.

And then, once I become a published author (again, my hypothetical), it's just Not Done to say "well, that book was pretty good, but there were some serious structural problems with the ending." It's like picking on people on the playground - it can be fun, but it's not cool.

That doesn't mean I won't talk about any of my opinions here, or that I won't talk about books at all. But you're probably going to get here mostly stuff about the books I like. For the juicy bits, you'll have to email me. :) (Except for The Pale Blue Eye, by Louis Bayard. I'm still mad about that one.)


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