The waiting is the hardest part

As I mentioned, I entered the Fangs, Fur & Fey contest over on their blog (there's a link in the sidebar). And the results are supposed to be posted on Monday, which when all the hook writers would find out whether they should send in pages or not. Cool, cool. But, as it turns out, some of the judges are really on their game, and have been turning in entries earlier. Which have been being posted earlier. Which means that for the last two days I've been checking the website obsessively in the hope of seeing my magic number - 121 - up there. Which it has NOT been. 122 has gone up, but not 121. I'm trying to take this as a good sign.

::fingers crossed::

The contest itself has been real eye-opener. Good hooks, bad hooks, good hooks for books I would never read in a million years, bad hooks for books that I think I would love ... it's really cool. I also love the comments that the judges are making, which are usually right, but which also point out just how much being chosen by an agent is a function of taste. Although the judges are authors, not agents, some of the things they've picked are crazy and some of the things they've passed up are insane, and it further cements the advice I've heard before about sending your query to every agent who handles your stuff. You never know what might click or with whom.


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Sunday, April 22, 2007 at 9:22:00 PM EDT  

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